Our Team

At Edgebuildwell we firmly believe in the quality and time discipline. These principles are reflected in all the projects executed by us. We have a dedicated team of Project Managers and Site Engineers for every construction project.

Construction Equipment

Shuttering Mixers without lift (8 nos.)
Concrete Mixers with lift (3 nos.)
Mini batch-mixing plant (1 no.)
Material lift for 30 m height(1 no.)
Concrete Vibrators with needles(10 nos.)
Tractor with trolley(1 no.)
Vacuum de watering machine(2 no.)
Generator25 KW
    - Probe jack
    - M.S. Plates
(15000 sq.ft.)
    - Mains
    - Ledger 1.5m & 1m
(1200 nos.)(3000 nos.)
Auto leveller(1 no.)
Theodolite (1 no.)
Stone cutting station(1 no.)
JCB(1 no.)
Tata Truck(1 no.)

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